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Once we reduce your tax bill, our fee is only 25% of actual savings. We will protest your taxes year after year so you never have to worry about it again!

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Many property owners overpay their property taxes.  Protesting your taxes gives you an opportunity to reduce your tax bill, so you only pay your fair share.

$1,309 Average Property Tax Savings

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Our property tax consultants use the most effective property tax reduction techniques.  We utilize advanced software, allowing us to gain an edge over the appraisal districts and our competitors.

83% Percent of Our Clients Save Money

Set it and Forget It. We Automatically Protest Your Taxes Every Year.

Never worry about paying more than your fair share of taxes again. Our team will automatically protest your taxes year after year. You will only pay us when we actually reduce your tax bill!

95%+ of Our Clients Ask to Renew Each Year

Case Studies

12.34% Tax Savings

23104 Crafty Ridge
San Antonio, TX

10% Tax Savings

8816 Calera Dr
Austin, TX

10% Tax Savings

2112 Clintons Cloud Court
Austin, TX

24.40% Tax Savings

13706 San Domingo Drive
Galveston, TX

6.39% Tax Savings

Panera Bread
Katy, TX

18.22% Tax Savings

Dallas, TX

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a tax consultant to fight my property taxes?2024-04-04T22:06:05+00:00

Just like you hire an attorney to represent you in court and a CPA to help you with your income taxes, you should hire a property tax consultant to protest your property taxes. Our team of experts have intimate knowledge of property valuation methods, local tax laws, and appraisal district procedures. Since our compensation is based on our performance, we are motivated to do the best job possible year after year!

How much does your service cost?2024-04-04T22:06:05+00:00

We are paid based on performance, so our interests are aligned with our clients. We charge clients a 25% success fee, which is a percentage of the property taxes we actually saved them from our property tax reduction process.

If we don’t actually save you money, our success fee is zero. This means our team is motivated to work as hard as possible to maximize your savings.

For more details, visit our transparent pricing page on our website.

How do I sign up?2024-04-04T22:06:05+00:00

Signing up with us typically only takes a few minutes! You can sign up online via the get started page on our website.

In which counties do you offer your services?2024-04-04T22:06:05+00:00

We offer our property tax protest services to commercial & residential properties in all 254 Texas counties. This means you can work with one company for all your Texas properties. Our experienced team maintains close relationships with local appraisal offices. We also understand the local market dynamics that influence your property tax appraisal, enabling our tax consultants to provide the best arguments to help lower your taxes.

My property is already valued much lower than I know I could sell it for, why should I protest?2024-04-04T22:06:05+00:00

We are often able to find property tax reduction opportunities even when a property is already valued much lower than its potential sales price. This is because there are multiple strategies for protesting, including finding inequalities in how you are being taxed versus other similar properties in your area. We were able to reduce the property taxes for 83% of our clients in 2022, which means we are highly effective at finding savings opportunities!

How does the appraisal district determine my property’s value?2024-04-04T22:06:05+00:00

The appraisal district uses a mass appraisal system to generate a value for your property.  This means they use a large database that often contains inaccurate or outdated information about your property to determine a value.  Generally, no one from the appraisal district actually reviews your individual property.  The mass appraisal process often leaves plenty of room for us to lower your property taxes.

When do I get the results of my hearing?2024-04-04T22:06:05+00:00

We typically finish hearings in the late summer and fall months.  Occasionally hearings can last throughout the winter months as well. We do not have much control over timing, since the appraisal district assigns our hearing dates.

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